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10 Digital Marketing Podcasts you Should be Listening To!

If you are a digital marketer that is on a constant search for new ideas and strategies to try out, then we have that in common. On my commute to work I have found myself listening to digital marketing podcasts instead of music. I see it as a quick learning and/or inspiration session since I only have a 15-20 minute drive to the office.  And the fact is that I’m not the only one. 

According to the Infinite Dial 2019 Report conducted by  Edison Research, 1 in every 3 Americans reported having listened to a podcast in the last month which equals to around 90 million monthly listeners. This same report reveals that in 2019, around 62 million people listened to podcasts on a weekly basis, an estimated increase of 14 million year over year. 

And so my point is that, what started as a niche, has now become an industry that is replacing traditional media and for many, becoming part of everyday life. Digital Marketing is no exception and there are hundreds if not thousands of podcasts that discuss our ever changing industry. In my opinion this is a great way of expanding our knowledge beyond online courses. I’ve found that the ideas and strategies mentioned in podcasts are more tangible and actionable than anything that I ever learned in a classroom. 

Of course I have my list of podcasts that I constantly listen to and I have to admit that they are not limited to just marketing. It ranges from Marketing and Science, all the way to politics.  But I decided to go on a quest, to find what other Digital Marketers are listening to and so I did. Here’s a good list of podcasts that I’m hoping inspire you to continue trying and testing new things.

My Favorite Digital Marketing Podcasts*

*at the moment. This list will most definitely change in a month or two. 🙂 

The Paid Search Podcast

What I enjoy about this podcast is that it is a no BS look at Paid Search, specifically Google Ads. Hosts Chris and Jason do a great job at answering questions from listeners and also explaining on how to audit your campaigns, test new tactics, and optimize. If you are looking to learn more about Paid Search  then add this one to your list. 

Marketing Scoop Podcast

Let me just start by saying that this podcast is powered by SEMRush, so right off the bat, we know it will be good. It’s great for staying up to date with SEO, Content Marketing and just learning about new tools and brand strategies.

Podcasts Recommended by Other Digital Marketers

The Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

“Pat’s experience is making millions opt to passive income models such as information products (courses), downloadable products (ebooks), affiliate marketing, and much more. His interviews and the strategies uncovered apply to any business in the digital age.”

Mohammed Abuzar
Position at Siva Solutions

Growth Everywhere & MozPod

“Growth Everywhere is a weekly interview series where you’ll hear from various entrepreneurs and marketers on digital tactics that have worked for their business, as well as their thoughts on best practices. MozPod also features interviews with marketing and SEO experts seasoned in the science of indexing and crawling, voice search, quality rater guidelines and the future of SEO.”

Jennifer Willy
Editor at Etia

Marketing School Podcast with Neil Patel & Eric Siu

Neil Patel is very famous among marketers. He writes highly informative posts which are full of useful and practical tips. You can be sure that after listening to his podcast where he and Eric Siu discuss the most popular marketing ideas, valuable and actionable hacks, you will be armed with fresh strategies to use in your digital marketing.

Oksana Chyketa
Marketer at Albacross

“The podcasts cover a variety of topics which are interesting to agency owners, small business owners and digital marketing freelancers. The episodes are short and easy to digest and there is a new episode every week or so. It’s definitely worth tuning into if you want marketing advice from true industry leaders.”

Adam Hempenstall
Better Proposals

“I love this podcast for the timely advice, in a time-effective way! The hosts release bite-sized, actionable tidbits (around 6 minutes long) regularly. They speak on current trends, the latest tools and keep it to the point.”

Nikki Hamilton
Owner – Seedling Digital

“The guys give short, sharp, daily tips on everything Digital and Online Marketing using their years of experience. It’s a great way to start my day and helps me think outside-the-box when coming up with strategies for my own clients.”

Janette Baker
Digital Marketing Specialist & Owner – Generate Marketing

Noah Kagan Presents

“Noah is a great and funny guy that has a lot of skin in the game in business and marketing. On his podcast, he often interviews well-known business owners and discusses various marketing topics regarding growth, promotion, and scalling. Anyone will find something tailored to their needs – B2B, B2C, D2C – you name it”

Jakub Kliszczak
Marketing Specialist at Crazy Call

60 Minute Startup

“I recommend The 60 Minute Startup because teaches anyone to build a sustainable business in one hour per day and acquire their first paying customer in 30 days or less. “

Rio Rocket
Brand Strategist at Rio Rocket

Small Business Big Marketing

“I find this one so helpful because most of Tim’s guests are small business owners who started where I am now, and used Tim’s strategies to grow. So when you can see someone being successful, you have a blueprint you can follow, and you develop the belief that if others can do it, you can do it too. Every episode has at least one nugget that you can take away and implement in your business. “

Jarrod Partridge

Stevie Stays Social

“It breaks down all things social and digital marketing into easy to process podcasts that are engaging and fun. Stevie is a self proclaimed nerd who has basically taught herself and is now providing a whole heap of value to her clients. “

Erin Carey
Owner – Roam Generation

After reading these incredible reviews by other digital marketers, can we all agree to start listening to the Marketing School Podcast? Clearly many enjoy listening to Neil Patel & Eric Siu and I just played their most recent episode and  I’m in! What other podcasts do you think should be on the list? Share your favorite podcast in the comments section below. 

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Jayleen Nazario

Jayleen Nazario

Digital Marketing Specialist